29 January 2010

Rapunzel Movie Pictures


The German fairy tale Rapunzel by Brothers Grimm's is being adapted into an animated movie by Walt Disney. The movie Rapunzel will be the 50th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics. The project is co-directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard. Rapunzel should be released on Christmas 2010.

Take a look to those concept arts of the movie Rapunzel:
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

"In this new telling of the classic fairy tale, audiences will be transported to a stunning CG fantasy world complete with the iconic tower, an evil witch, a gallant hero and, of course, the mysterious girl with the long golden tresses. Expect adventure, heart, humor, and hair… lots of hair, when Rapunzel unleashes her locks in theaters for the 2010 holiday."

The film will be CGI animated, but Disney wants to apply non-photorealistic rendering so to create the impression of drawing. So me may expect the movie Rapunzel to combine the best of both animation worlds!

Here below a few concept art pictures of Rapunzel:
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Rapunzel is gonna be a charming movie!
Here's an old preview clip of Rapunzel that leaked online, well it's actually some animation testing that was shown long ago when the movie Rapunzel was still titled Rapunzel Unbraided:


  1. mandy moore bakal ngisi suaranya Rapunzel.. wekks

  2. moga2 ga ada nyanyi2nya ya, hahaa i hate cartoon with 'sing a song' story