10 January 2010

Heroes Geek Of The Week

baru 2 menit yang lalu (dari sekarang) gw nge-cek twitter, dan apa hasilnya? INI DIA! one of the person i follow did this, ibarat failblog.org gw juga mau kasih nih orang title "WIN! FTW!". but just for jokin, in the future i wont make those title anymore, it's failblog's. anyway, good job! bravo! but this also makes you look like a nerd, keep up the nice work GEEK!

these are the links from the picture.
- Heroes - Claire Bennet's Many Deaths http://bit.ly/6Nj8MP
Heroes - Hayden Panettiere's Body Cast http://bit.ly/7hT4aD
Heroes - Ali Larter On Getting The Part http://bit.ly/7JobhI
Heroes - Masi Oka On Hiro http://bit.ly/6dNjTX
Heroes - Adrian Pasdar On Flying http://bit.ly/6SFUmn
Heroes - Greg Grunberg on Auditioning http://bit.ly/4LvmJf


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